Find Penny
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May 2024 Kimberly Park Storys Nursery
April 2024 Robert Schwenk Country Armory
March 2024 Glenn Haas Storys Nursery
February 2024 Jean Bailey Dean’s Mills
January 2024 Mark Foris GEM Stove & Fireplace
December 2023 Schuyler Minew Village Pizza II
November 2023 TerriJo Gallagher Story’s Nursery
October 2023 Donna Slater Kellys Pharmacy
September 2023 Brenda Conley T&C Products
August 2023 Bob Mogilski Lou’s Shooting Sports
July 2023 Barbara Denton East Durham Hardware Store
June 2023 Tiffany Perez Story’s Nursery
May 2023 Bonnie Kudlacik Karen’s Flower Shoppe
April 2023 Joseph Caputo T&C Products
March 2023 Beaufort Hall Two Brothers Pizza
February 2023 Mary Huston Village Pizza II
January 2023 Jim Margiasso Dean’s Mills
December 2022 Andrew Jozefowicz South Cairo Liquor
November 2022 Charles Rion T&C Products Meat Market
October 2022 Debbie Elsasser Kellys Pharmacy
September 2022 Shannon Craven T&C Products
August 2022 Julie Silvestri Cuties Sweets & Treats
July 2022 Richard Digregorio Frozen Spoon
June 2022 Robin Palazzo South Cairo Liquor
May 2022 Paul Brugeman Jaz Hair Design
April 2022 Sara Verdon Storys Nursery
March 2022 Judy Benway Backyard Sheds
February 2022 Bob Mogilski Dean’s Mills
January 2022 Hope Salamonowicz Blue Danube
December 2021 Elissa Hoffman Kaaterskill Farms
November 2021 Jessica Mungo DiStefano’s Barbershop
October 2021 Susan Haugh Karen’s Flower Shoppe
September 2021 Kim VanAusdle Boehm Farm
August 2021 Patricia Schwenk Messina’s LaGriglia Ristorante
July 2021 Debbie Truesdell Story’s Nursery
June 2021 Robert B Corrigan Frozen Spoon Ice Cream Shop
May 2021 Rita Mackey T&C Products
April 2021 Hilde Tompkins Dean’s Mills
March 2021 Patricia Ritter Black Horse Farms
February 2021 John Hogan East Durham Hardware Store
January 2021 Marilyn Berlin Blue Danube Wine & Spirits
November 2020 Kelly Gagne T&C Products-Christmas Trees
October 2020 Judi Ryan Karen’s Flower Shoppe
September 2020 Peter Caban Discount Beverage
August 2020 Jean Dunn Capital City Rescue Mission
July 2020 Susan Haugh T&C Products Meat Market
June 2020 Bill Myers Dean’s Mills
May 2020 Alicia Snowden Frozen Spoon Ice Cream Shop
April 2020 Catherine Sossei East Durham Hardware Store
March 2020 Kathleen Hendricks Kaaterskill Farm
Feburary 2020 Joan Geddes Story’s Nursery
January 2020 Kayla Sieburg Northeastern Masonry & Chimney
December 2019 Connie Teator Furniture Plus
November 2019 Lynn Kissam The Inn at Leeds
October 2019 Annette Wagenbaugh Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
September 2019 Scott Snyder Silver Creek Deli
August 2019 Randy Lee Frozen Spoon
July 2019 Catherine Sossei Lounsbury Appliance
June 2019 Valerie Dwinell Salon Chic
May 2019 Judee Synakowski Black Horse Farms
April 2019 Steven George Lou’s Automotive & Shooting Sports
March 2019 Arthur Bender Greene Co Power Equipment
February 2019 Sonia Greiner Greenville Pizza
January 2019 Jean Dunn The Sewing Room
December 2018 Al Ramm Main Street Barber
November 2018 Edward Breithaupt DiStefano Meats
October 2018 Henry Weinert Matt’s Cycle Center
September 2018 Kathleen Dudley The Sewing Room
August 2018 Catherine Sossei Boehm Farm
July 2018 Craig Albano Country Armory
June 2018 Michelle Patterson Village Pizza II
May 2018 Denise Janiec Karen’s Flower Shoppe
April 2018 Ronald Daoust Halsted Outdoor Supply
March 2018 Sueann Crum Inn at Leeds
February 2018 Edward Reeves Greenville Pizza
January 2018 Michele Bendzlowicz Matt’s Cycle Center
December 2017 Scott Andrews Hagar’s Harbor
November 2017 Mary Bouschor Zach’s Winterland Emporium
October 2017 Theresa Schaffer Country Armory
September 2017 Maxwell Wesslock Dean’s Catskill Valley Mills
August 2017 Lenda Lyman Farm Market 145
July 2017 Melissa Melley Nolan Propane
June 2017 Regina Galluscio Story’s Nursery
May 2017 Connie Akersloot New Fantastic Nail & Spa
April 2017 Skip Spinner Greene County Power Equipment
March 2017 Judy Moran Greenville Pizza
February 2017 Shawn Purdy Karen’s Flower Shoppe
January 2017 Victor Rogers Village Pizza II
December 2016 Mildred Mayo Kelly’s Pharmacy
November 2016 Susan Neal Dean’s Catskill Valley Mills
October 2016 Bob Story AGA Sales
September 2016 Karen Robertson Greene County Horseshoe Supply, Inc.
August 2016 Stephen Grudel Bistro 27
July 2016 Kim Conlin Story’s Nursery
June 2016 Anthony Rich GNH Lumber
May 2016 Steven Curran DiStefano’s Meat Market
April 2016 Kathleen Walsh Greenville Pizza
March 2016 Chris Brandow Nolan Propane
February 2016 Don Pike Gem Woodstoves
January 2016 Patti Vaughn Furniture Plus
December 2015 Cheryl Hedden The Westerner

Find “Penny” Contest Submission

Check out the latest edition of the Greene County PennySaver and look for “Penny” in one of the advertisements. Once you have found “Penny” fill out the form below for your chance to win a $25 gift card redeemable at your favorite Greene County PennySaver advertiser’s business!

Entries must be received 9 days prior to the last Wednesday of each month.


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